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Schooled by Tali Nay | A Memoir


Recently I sat at a local author’s table at Appletree Books selling my picture book, The Porch Dream, and met a wonderful local author, Tali Nay.  Tali’s book “Schooled” is a memoir of her younger years up to the present – which I found fascinating because she is so young.  Long ago memoirs were the domain of retired generals and long dead statesmen. But more and more it is a medium embraced by the younger and especially the celebrity crowd.  Over the next few weeks, I am diving into memoirs and will bring you several books that have highlighted local lives with fantastic stories to come.  Tali’s is a great place to start – her book gives honor to the everyday experiences of us all from birth to graduate school.  All that school has left out, she has found and shared in her new book. I asked Tali a few questions to peak your interest.

When did the idea of writing your memoir come to you?   I’ve always been a big proponent of personal histories, and as I was looking through mine after graduating from college, it occurred to me that the majority of my life up to that point had taken place in a classroom, and that I remembered the people and feelings I had much more than any facts or assignments. I thought it might be a nice idea for a themed book about the things we learn in school that don’t come from textbooks.

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