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Schooled Reviewed By Bani Sodermark of


Encounters in the classroom

This memoir is a book that gave me a bout of nostalgia. I relived my own school and university days, the successes, the accolades and the failures, some of which appeared to be too awesome to contemplate at the time. Most educational institutions, at all levels of complexity, usually radiate a very special ivory tower ambience. Documenting the nature of that milieu and how it influenced the formation of Tali Nay is the subject of this book.

In this book, Tali Nay shares the story of her schooling at the primary level, the secondary level, the university level and finally on the job front. To this end, she mentions the seemingly insignificant, everyday events that have affected her at a deeper level than she knew at the time and affected her decisions and actions later on.

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