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Turning ordinary into extraordinary


Here is a fresh, cleverly written memoir by Tali Nay.  I loved the format of this book entitled Schooled…most likely to the fact that my life has always been the center of education similar to  Tali.  Tali divides her memoir into short, witty stories that she remembers from kindergarten all the way through getting her MBA in grad school.  She talks about the awkward events (learning about sex) to the struggles she encountered (all those popular kids, and why she never seems to reach the height of popularity that she desires), and some sad events (death).  She delights us with an elementary student’s perspective and the reader sees Tali grow…we see her expand and develop into a confident young woman who realizes popularity is self-imaged….hey who gets to decide what is popular anyway??  We get to see how she is not only shaped by her peers, but also by all the teachers that played a part in her education and growth.  As a teacher, I loved seeing how sometimes the simplest lesson transforms a student.  Teachers do not always get to see their impact…

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