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schooled-cover-large“Do you have to have sex to have a baby?”

It’s a question that ten-year-old Tali Nay asked the office assistant at her elementary school after the woman had done her best to explain how it all happened to a roomful of confused girls. Or maybe Tali was the only one who was confused. It's entirely possible, for if there’s anything she knew at this point in her schooling, it was that she—without fail—was the last to know about anything interesting.

Take her first day of kindergarten, where it turned out that every other kid already knew which letters were the vowels. Her first lesson as a student was consequently one of humiliation, and her second—only slightly less important—was that puking in a classroom tends to start a chain reaction. A refreshingly honest deep-dive into what we actually take away from a public education, this hilarious and heartfelt memoir captures the things we learn in school that are never part of any lesson plan yet somehow have the biggest impact upon the shaping of our perceptions over the years we spend in a classroom. Things like competition, failure, scandal, popularity, disillusionment, triumph, guilt, and, of course, throwing up in public. From the glorious to the gloriously awkward, this everyman tale is a story of growing up, one semester at a time.

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“A collection of short-shorts, this memoir brings the author’s recollections to life in passages that are each much too fun to be contained in a handful of paragraphs.”

“Nay hits all the coming-of-age rites right on the nose.”

“Funny, yet still matter-of-fact, Nay re-navigates her school years with both abashed hindsight and a sense of pride."