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Jeweled by Tali NayTali Nay first discovered gemstones while standing with her parents in a grocery store check-out line. The cheap display of birthstone keychains in front of her, each embedded with a single synthetic stone, was captivating. And the best part? Her own birthstone—the diamond—was the most beautiful of all. Since this childhood discovery, Tali's fondness for all things gem has only grown.

From her beloved hometown jewelry store to her lifelong crush on Tiffany & Co., this sparkling memoir gives you a glimpse into an industry that touches us all, perhaps more often than we realize. Whether or not jewelry is your passion, you'll be entertained by Tali's stories of selling diamonds in small-town America, learn more than you ever wanted to know about the world of gems, and ultimately be inspired by her quest to pursue a dream.

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I really enjoyed this book! A well written memoir about those special pieces of jewelry in the author's life, and how jewelry in general has impacted her life. Funny, smart, and sweet. I wanted to go to Tiffany's ASAP by the end of the first chapter. Highly recommend!
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I loved this book as much as Tali's first book, Schooled. She has a wonderful, authentic voice. I laughed out loud, and I learned a lot about things that sparkle!” (on Goodreads)

“I read the authors first book, Schooled, and enjoyed it very much. Jeweled is written in the same wonderful voice as the first, with personal stories and experiences. But I also learned so much about gems and such. A very relaxing summer read. (on

Once again she openly shares many personal moments in her life; many funny, some sentimental, all touching. She provides snippets of her journey through her very eventful life. You may come away with some personal direction for yourself ... or ask yourself how the heck did she get herself into ... and out of these "adventures" Good beach/porch book.