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Tali Nay certainly didn’t know much about business when she ended up, quite by accident, working at a small start-up company after graduating from college with an English degree.

Tali Nay’s fourth memoir takes you to New York City, a place to which she moved in order to pursue her dream of becoming a gemologist.

Here come the boys...

Anyone who's ever tried to find love will appreciate Tali Nay's latest memoir—equal parts humor and heartbreak—about navigating the dating world in search of The One.

Tali Nay first discovered gemstones while standing with her parents in a grocery store check-out line. The cheap display of birthstone keychains in front of her, each embedded with a single synthetic stone, was captivating. And the best part? Her own birthstone—the diamond—was the most beautiful of all. Since this childhood discovery, Tali's fondness for all things gem has only grown.

“Do you have to have sex to have a baby?”

It’s a question that ten-year-old Tali Nay asked the office assistant at her elementary school after the woman had done her best to explain how it all happened to a roomful of confused girls. Or maybe Tali was the only one who was confused. It's entirely possible, for if there’s anything she knew at this point in her schooling, it was that she—without fail—was the last to know about anything interesting.