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Saving the Store

I was alarmed when I saw a "help save an indie bookstore!" message regarding a darling bookstore in Northeast Ohio. Alarmed because I love all indie bookstores, but my heart goes out to Cleveland-area bookstores in particular. Because I know them. And I can't bear to see them in trouble. So I clicked on the link.

In actuality, the "save the bookstore" effort at The Learned Owl Book Shop isn't really about saving the store. It's about helping one of the employees raise enough money for the loan required to buy the place. The owner is selling the business, see, and this would-be buyer, Kate, is seeking donations through a Kickstarter-like program. Admittedly, I was a bit disappointed that the cause wasn't really one of saving the store. Because I have a harder time stomaching the pushing of a personal fund-raising cause amongst my friends and contacts. But let me say this: I've met Kate. She's just about the most delightful person I've worked with at any of the Cleveland-area bookstores, and the signing I did at the Learned Owl a few months ago was so enjoyable, and largely due to Kate and her hospitality. So if preserving the store exactly as it is today means helping Kate reach her goal, then maybe it's about saving the store after all. Plus, I'm a sucker for dreams. And going after them. Wishing the best to Kate.


Afternoon in Hudson


A friend of mine took this picture, and I confess I was surprised to learn that such things were even in the paper at all. Not that I was really planning on discussing my book was just a signing. But who knew such things were even listed? I was even more surprised to find a gentleman waiting for me when I arrived. Copy in hand (he'd found and bought it at a different bookstore across town), he asked for a signature, and then we talked for probably a half hour. He's approaching retirement and wants to write a memoir of his own, and I was happy to share my experiences. And I loved hearing how much he was enjoying my book.

Hudson is a darling little town, located fairly close to me but one in which I haven't spent much time. I had forgotten that it's the home of Main Street Cupcakes as well as Heather's Heat and Flavor, and of course there's the Learned Owl Book Shop, where I spent the afternoon. As far as bookstores go, it's a pretty large one, and it was nice to watch customers mosey through the sections. I'll probably go back soon so I can do some moseying of my own. (I wouldn't mind another cupcake and jar of salsa either. Thank you, Hudson.)