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Blizzard Season

I grew up in a small town, and Dairy Queen was really the only food establishment we had. This explains why I continue to have more affection for Dairy Queen, even in my adult life, than the average person. Dilly Bars, dipped cones, Peanut Buster Parfaits, and, of course, Blizzards. One of my favorite lines (yes, authors have favorite lines) in my most recent book is when I say that employees will work harder if companies install a Dairy Queen Blizzard machine in the break room. I was kidding, but only kind of.

The Dairy Queen closest to me now isn't located in a place that I have much (or any) frequency to be, so Blizzards are few and far between these days. But last week I made a point to drive over and order one to kick off the summer. Aside from the fact that my go-to favorite flavor doesn't appear to be on the menu any longer (sometimes life seems like a series of things we grow attached to that we must inevitably find ways to live without when they are discontinued), it was as delicious as I remember.

Nostalgic, too. Clearly. It's worth noting that there is no longer a Dairy Queen in my hometown. After some franchise dispute about fry sauce (or so I heard), it was replaced by another establishment. I still think of it as there though, and every time I'm at home looking over at the little building hanging over the creek, literally supported by a rather precarious configuration stilts that struck me as questionable even 30 years ago, I smile. And immediately crave some ice cream. Happy summer to you all! May yours include a vacation, a couple of fabulous beach reads, and all the ice cream you can justify consuming.