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The trouble with visiting somewhere for work is that you don't really get a chance to actually see anything. I'd never been to Nashville before, see, and even after staying in the hotel that is literally connected to the Country Music Hall of Fame, I still haven't seen anything that the vibrant Music City has to offer.

Well, that's not entirely true. I did take a taxi early one morning to Five Daughters Bakery to try their epic Hundred Layer Donut. I'd recently come across one of those articles highlighting the five things you just have to do when in Nashville. And it's really not shocking at all that the only one of the five that I didn't immediately forget was the bakery. Hall of fames and museums and legends galore, and the only thing I knew I just had to do was try one of these donuts. Let me just say that if I were basing my opinion of Nashville on this donut alone, I'd give it full marks.

I do hope to return one day when I can take some time to explore properly. Even just from what I saw, I was charmed. By the accents. The fried pickles and corn bread. The late-night with Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers. The constant stream of country music that piped through the hotel speakers 24/7. It truly had a feel all its own. And that donut. I'll be dreaming about it until I can get there again, y'all.