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Why I Will Get No Writing Done This Weekend


Early yesterday afternoon I sent a depressed message to one of my fellow basketball-loving cousins in Oregon.

"0 for 1. I picked Valpo to upset. I suck at this."

He offered some comforting words that I proceeded to shoot down in equally pessimistic style, and then in the 5:00 hour he sent me this:

"The Valpo loss would be frustrating. What's the word for a Marquette loss though? Might want to go find your happy place."

I have Marquette in the final four, and at the time he sent me the message, I was in total freak out mode. I couldn't even watch. I was out getting take-out, and he proceeded to send me updates.

"1 min dav up 3 with ball."

*biting nails while in lobby waiting for food*

"mar up with 1 sec left...dav ball."

*pacing, phone 2 inches from face waiting for the next update. Others waiting for food notice I am distractedly wrapped up in something. And possibly crazy.*

"Marq wins by 1....breathe easy."

The "YES!!!" I erupted with at this announcement was very closely synched with the moment when they called my name at the order-up window, and surely no one has ever seemed more excited to be presented with a take-out meal. People were staring, so I offered a simple, "Marquette wins!!" No one seemed to care or think I was less crazy, but to these people, I say this: You are missing out.

Of course, then New Mexico went down. So cousin, you can expect another depressing message from me today. 'Tis the season.


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