Yes, this picture proves that I didn't blow out my own candles on my 2nd birthday. And also that my sister had way better hair than I did.

'So Young' by the Corrs is my birthday anthem. It's the one I play really loud and dance around my house to each birthday morning when the feeling of being alive and healthy and incredibly blessed is combined with the excitement over the day's plans. I confess that each birthday reminds me how much older I am now (comparatively speaking), and that can get me down if I think too much about it, so that's why I love the 'So Young' song. It never ceases to snap me out of my aging-worry funk and remind me how young I still am. I'm not sure how long this trick will work, but I'm happy to report that yesterday morning found me once again dancing around the house. It was a gorgeous sunny day in Cleveland and the windows were open, so if any of my neighbors saw me, well, at least now they have an explanation.

To any of you out there feeling older than you want to feel, my advice is to think about how much you still have to offer. Think about how much more you know now. Remember the blessings in your life on a daily basis. Start learning something new, something you've always wanted to know more about. Buy yourself a treat, or better yet, buy someone else a treat. Write down a few memories. And do it all while listening to the Corrs. Because we are so young.