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The New Website

Just want to say a few words about the new website: I love it.

It's always hard for me to tackle anything having to do with technology and web-speak...which is why I did none of it myself. But even simply describing what I'm looking for can prove challenging for me. Maybe the site, or various aspects of it, are pictured in my head, but describing them is sometimes tricky. The same thing happens when I'm trying to describe my ideas for the overall look of my books and covers. "Not sure what to suggest, but something different." "How about something more vintagey?" Um, sure Tali. Coming right up.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site and visit often. Even if only for the polls. I once frequented a website that I otherwise found totally useless just so I could vote in the weekly poll. I'm happy to be that site for you, voters.






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