First let me say that as a small town girl, I'm still constantly in awe about how nice it is to live in a city. Not that Cleveland is the most desirable or glamorous city in which a person could live, but five years in, I'm incredibly content. If you don't count the snow we're getting this week. Sports teams, theater, fine dining, shopping. It's totally different than the world I grew up in. Of course, there are things about small town life that I miss (like not hearing about shootings in almost every morning headline), but I continue to love taking advantage of having access to so much. And one of my favorite things about city life is that there are venues for musicians to perform in. It makes checking the upcoming concert lists pretty exciting. And I know she isn't a big name anymore (was she really ever?), but attending a Jewel concert was definitely a highlight of my weekend. The lowlight, for those keeping track at home, was the downfall of Gonzaga.

Jewel has a fascinating story, an incredibly unique voice, and, as I discovered on Saturday night, a wonderful sense of humor. She was delightful. Much of what she said really resonated with me, particularly a story she told prior to singing the hit 'Hands.' In talking about how much she struggled in her earlier years, she mentioned a point where she really had to ask herself what her actions might mean for her life down the road. She said in that moment she thought about her hands, and how what your hands are doing now can in many ways determine where you end up and the kind of life you lead. Certainly stealing (what she had considered doing in that moment) was a much different path than writing songs, and that's the thought that ultimately turned her life around.

It's a thought that would do us all some good to consider. What are we doing with our time, our lives, our hands? And what opportunities will be open in the future (or not) due to choices we are making now? Not that I can honestly say that I am always productive with my time and smart with my decisions, but this certainly makes me examine both more closely. Definitely got more than I bargained for out of Saturday's concert, and I'm the better for it. Thanks for stopping by, Jewel. I hope "I'm in Cleveland Today" gets sung again soon.