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Cracking Columbus

It's very interesting being new to the "author" world, and something book-related makes me smile every day. Like the call from a former co-worker (she called the front desk and asked to be transferred to me) to tell me she had just finished my book and loved it. Or the email from the husband of one of my Oregon friends to tell me he'd just finished reading it as well. A businessman, he also asked the names of the companies I refer to in the b-school chapters. Which also made me smile. (insert evil laugh) In other news, I recently reached out to the Cleveland library system and got a call from the manager of my local branch. They are evaluating a copy for possible addition to the Cleveland Library System (or at least I hope they are), which would be pretty awesome. I was also contacted by the major newspaper here in Cleveland because their book editor wanted a copy. Not sure if it will make the cut in terms of getting a review printed, but I was still delighted that they asked for one.

In spite of all this happening (or potentially happening), the world at large still has no idea who I am. And my book sales reflect that. So do my signings. Or at least they will now. Up to this point, most of the book signings I've done have included 1) a town festival of some kind, and 2) friends of mine who want to come see me and buy a book. So attendance has not been dismal. But now that all my Cleveland people have been, shall we way, tapped out ("Another signing? Do we have to?"), I've had to come to the realization that I have no idea who I can round up for future signings. And my next one is all the way down in Columbus, a city in which I know exactly zero people. While I'm excited to branch out into another city, I'm not sure that anyone will actually show up. No matter, I suppose, but it's always much more fun when there are people who stop by to talk about the book.

The moral of the story is that life is good, I love my book, and if you are anywhere in the greater Columbus area (or know people who are and who like books/bookstores/chatting with quirky girls with Zooey Deschanel glasses), then stop by Beehive Books on September 29th sometime between 5:00 and 7:00 and come keep me company.


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