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Afternoon in Hudson


A friend of mine took this picture, and I confess I was surprised to learn that such things were even in the paper at all. Not that I was really planning on discussing my book was just a signing. But who knew such things were even listed? I was even more surprised to find a gentleman waiting for me when I arrived. Copy in hand (he'd found and bought it at a different bookstore across town), he asked for a signature, and then we talked for probably a half hour. He's approaching retirement and wants to write a memoir of his own, and I was happy to share my experiences. And I loved hearing how much he was enjoying my book.

Hudson is a darling little town, located fairly close to me but one in which I haven't spent much time. I had forgotten that it's the home of Main Street Cupcakes as well as Heather's Heat and Flavor, and of course there's the Learned Owl Book Shop, where I spent the afternoon. As far as bookstores go, it's a pretty large one, and it was nice to watch customers mosey through the sections. I'll probably go back soon so I can do some moseying of my own. (I wouldn't mind another cupcake and jar of salsa either. Thank you, Hudson.)


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